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How EazyViral Marketplace Works?

Introduction to EazyViral Marketplace

Eazyviral is a safe and reliable platform for buying and selling social media accounts. Our goal is to become the leading trustworthy marketplace, providing comprehensive data for each account. We support secure transactions, ensuring both buyers and sellers avoid online scams.

Listing Rules

Account Value

Your account needs to be listed with a minimum price of $50. We do not support listings with a value lower than $50 per transaction.

Account Information Requirement

To get your listing approved, please provide accurate and complete account information. Accounts with detailed information attract more buyer interest and sell faster compared to those with incomplete details.

Since this is your asset for sale, why not spend a few minutes to carefully write a description? It will save you more waiting time.

Data Input Requirements for Listings:
Enter complete data, including images of the account.
Short and long descriptions should not be the same.
Numeric data should only be entered as numbers, without any additional symbols or characters.
- Example of correct input: 1426743
- Examples of incorrect input: 1,42m | 1,426,743 | 1426743 subs

Read this article for detailed instructions on how to list accounts effectively: Complete Account Listing Guide for Sellers

EazyViral Escrow Service


Our Escrow service ensures safe, convenient, and prompt transactions for both buyers and sellers. With EazyViral, we securely hold the payment from the buyer and only release it to the seller once it is confirmed that the buyer has safely received the promised account.


There are two cost components in transactions with EazyViral


Standard Listing ( default ): 10% per transaction, minimum $20. You don't have to pay any fees for the initial account listing. This cost will be deducted when your account is sold and subtracted from the amount we pay you.
A standard listing is a typical type of listing. Your account will be listed for free and displayed on the marketplace.
Advantages of a Standard Listing: No fees for listing new accounts. If you're not in a rush and can wait to sell your account, a standard listing is a reasonable choice.
Disadvantages of a Standard Listing: There is no distinctiveness among the hundreds of other accounts listed for sale. Therefore, it will take more time for potential buyers to notice and purchase your account.

Boosted Listing: 15% per transaction, minimum $35
Boosted Listing: Your products will be prioritized and displayed at the top of the Marketplace. Increase the chances of your account being purchased quickly. Additionally, your listing will be marked with a Boosted icon.
Free Listing: We do not charge any upfront fees for Boosted Listings. We only charge a fee when your account makes a sale.
Boosted Listings are valid for 15 days. If your account does not make a sale within this period, it will become a standard listing.
If you wish to extend your Boosted Listing, please contact our support team.

Premium Badge: The Premium badge is available for a one-time payment of $35 and remains effective for 15 days from the time of listing.
A Premium Listing will make your listing stand out at the top, even above Boosted Listings, securing the highest position.
Your account will feature a special yellow frame with the Premium icon on top.
Once the 15-day period expires, your account will return to either a Standard Listing or a Boosted Listing (if you choose to renew Boosted Listing).
If you wish to have Premium Badge for Listing, please contact our support team.


Depending on the payment method selected by the buyer, EazyViral receives the net amount after the deduction of payment gateway fees. This means that EazyViral will not receive the full amount paid by the buyer. Instead, the net amount, which has had these fees subtracted, is received.

These deducted fees are then taken into account when EazyViral calculates the final payment for the seller. As a result, the total amount disbursed to the seller is reduced to cover the payment gateway fees.

Additionally, there is a separate fee for transferring money to the seller. This fee, along with the payment gateway fees, are subtracted from the seller's final payment, ensuring that all associated costs are accounted for in the transaction.

For payments made through Crypto or Bank Transfer: The payment gateway fee is 2% + $1.99, which includes both the payment processing fee and the cost for EazyViral to transfer money to the seller for each transaction.

For payments made through Credit Card: The payment gateway fee is 5% + $1.99, covering both the payment processing fee and the expense for EazyViral to send money to the seller for each transaction.

How does it work for sellers?

Listing account

List your channel on the market to sell your products. You will need to provide complete and detailed account information for us to approve your account listing. We will review and verify your account information before approving the listing. If your listing is declined, we will provide necessary changes for you to edit and relist it.

Transfer account to the buyer

The seller has received a notification that a customer has made a payment, and now it's time to transfer the account.
The seller will need to provide all the necessary account information to the EazyViral support team, who will verify the accuracy of the information and send it back to the buyer.
The seller will also need to assist the buyer in completing any necessary information changes, such as helping them receive verification codes for phone number or email updates.

Receive your money

After the channel transfer process is completed, if the buyer has no complaints within 48 hours, the system will confirm the transaction as completed. To expedite the process, the buyer can confirm the successful receipt of the account immediately after the transaction to finalize it.
We will transfer the funds to the seller after deducting the transaction service fee.

How does it work for buyers?

Make payment

Buyers pay to purchase an account, and EazyViral securely holds the funds to ensure a successful transaction. Experience safe transactions with EazyViral, where buyers can confidently secure their accounts.

Receive account from the seller

After receiving the login information and logging in for the first time, if the buyer finds that the account does not match the initial description provided by the seller, they can request to cancel the transaction and receive a refund.
If the buyer agrees to accept the account, proceed with the password change process and other necessary information for the account.

Mark the order as completed

Once you have received the account and updated all the information to make it your own, please confirm the successful transaction.
If the buyer does not provide any additional feedback within 48 hours, the system will automatically confirm the successful transaction and transfer the funds to the seller.

Benefits of using EazyViral Marketplace

Secure Transactions: EazyViral ensures that each transaction is secure, holding the buyer's payment safely until the account information has been successfully transferred.
Wide Selection: Buyers can explore a variety of social media accounts that cater to a multitude of interests, needs, and budget constraints, making it a one-stop-shop for all social account purchases.
Verified Accounts: All accounts listed on EazyViral are thoroughly verified and reviewed, ensuring that buyers receive exactly what they're paying for.
Support: EazyViral provides comprehensive support throughout the buying process. The seller is obligated to assist the buyer in changing all necessary account information and resolving any issues that might arise.
Dispute Resolution: In case of any disputes or issues, EazyViral steps in offering a robust dispute resolution mechanism, ensuring a fair and satisfactory outcome for both parties.
Convenience: The entire process from browsing to owning an account is streamlined and user-friendly, providing a hassle-free buying experience.
Affordability: With a wide range of accounts available, buyers can find the perfect fit for their needs and budget.
Trustworthiness: EazyViral aims to become the go-to marketplace for buying and selling social media accounts with a focus on building trust and ensuring safe transactions for all parties involved.


EazyViral Marketplace provides a reliable and secure platform for buying and selling social media accounts. With thorough verification, user-friendly interface, and comprehensive support, EazyViral is the ideal marketplace for all your social account needs. Trust us with your transactions, and let us make buying and selling accounts an effortless process for you.

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Updated on: 06/02/2024

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