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Complete Account Listing Guide for Sellers

Welcome to the EazyViral Marketplace Account Listing Guide for Sellers!

We are excited to assist you on your journey of transferring your account to the next developer. At EazyViral, we provide a trustworthy marketplace where you can safely and efficiently sell your social media accounts. Whether you're a beginner or have experience, our listing process is designed to ensure that each account is presented in the best possible way while attracting interest from potential buyers.

This guide will provide you with all the information you need to prepare and list your account. From necessary standards and requirements to tips to make your account stand out, we'll walk you through every step.

Follow the steps below to ensure that your listing process is smooth and effective. With EazyViral, connecting your account with future buyers is not only easy but also brings real value to both parties. Let's get started!

How the Marketplace Works and Fees

First, make sure you understand the account buying and selling process and the costs on EazyViral. For detailed information, please visit: How EazyViral Marketplace Works?. We recommend you read carefully to ensure you agree with all terms when using our service.

Preparing Your Information for Listing

Preparing detailed and accurate information for your account is an essential step that cannot be overlooked. Providing complete and specific information not only makes it easier for your account to be approved but also increases the chances of attracting potential buyers. A quality account description will help make a great first impression and build trust with customers.

Account Description Information

EazyViral requires you to provide two types of descriptions: a Short Description and a Long Description, each with a minimum of 160 characters.

Short Description: This is a concise but coherent introduction to your account. It will appear on the list of accounts in the marketplace and is your first opportunity to impress buyers. Ensure it is brief and compelling, describing the content theme of your channel/account. You don't need to write in detail about data numbers here; this part will be entered later and can be added to the Long Description.

Account short description

Example for short description:
Monetized YouTube channel. Content about PS5 games with over 500 quality videos uploaded. All videos are originally recorded and have usage rights. The original email will be provided when purchasing the channel.

Long Description: This section allows you to describe your account in more detail and depth. You should explain why this account is valuable, including information about viewership, reach, target audience, and how you have managed the account to achieve success. You can also describe the process and history of building your account. This is also the place to highlight unique content strategies and special results the account has achieved. You can use ChatGPT to help you create a convincing and creative Long Description.

Note: EazyViral will not accept if the short description and long description are identical. Make sure these two parts differ, so each provides its own value and additional information to the buyer.

Profile Picture and Account Screenshots

Images are an indispensable part of each listing. You need to prepare a sharp profile picture for your account and at least 5 other screenshots. Ensure to include analytics images to clearly illustrate account performance, as well as pictures of notable videos or content. These images will help buyers see the real value and potential of the account you

Account photos

Step 1: Account Information

When you're ready to share your social media account with the world, providing accurate information and an attractive description is key to attracting potential buyers. Start by completing "Step 1" below:

Choose Account Type:
Select the platform your account you want to sell belongs to, such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube. This is the first step in indicating the type of service you offer.

Account Name:
Enter the exact name of the account you want to sell. This helps buyers identify and authenticate the account more easily. Additionally, a brief description of the most notable aspect of the account - such as the number of subscribers or a special feature - can immediately attract attention.

Kino Gaming - Monetized 120k Subs Channel

99Souls - Acoustic music channel

Select the category that accurately reflects the nature of your account. This helps buyers search for accounts in the specific niche they are interested in.

Set the original price you want for your account. Make sure this price reflects the account's value based on factors like engagement, the number of followers, and revenue (if any).

Sale Price:
If you plan to offer a promotional price, enter it here. Note that if you enter a sale price, this will be the price displayed on the listing.

Short Description:
This is your opportunity to "sell" your account in just a few lines. Use the prepared short description to explain why your account is the best choice.

Long Description:
This section allows you to go into detail, highlighting the features, achievements, and any other information that buyers might be interested in. Make sure you follow our guidelines in the description to maximize your chances of selling your account.

This is an excellent example of an account listed on EazyViral with a comprehensive and detailed Long Description, showcasing a complete dataset:

Listing sample

Step 2: Screenshot

Screenshots are an important element

that gives buyers a visual understanding of your account. Pay attention to the following aspects to create a strong and professional impression.

Profile Picture:
Choose a sharp and high-quality profile picture for your account. This image should accurately reflect the essence of the account. If you already have a profile picture for your social media channel/account you want to sell, use it!

Prepare at least 5 other screenshots to show different aspects of your account. This could be:

Analytics dashboard images to illustrate account performance metrics such as follower count, engagement, and statistics on views or income (if any).
Screenshots from the most distinctive content, such as the most popular video screenshots, posts with high engagement.
If the account has been verified, a photo of the account with the verification symbol on your page or channel.
Ensure that each image is clear, not blurry, and accurately represents the value and potential of the account. Use basic image cropping and editing functions if necessary to improve the image quality before uploading.

Remember, quality images not only increase the chances of selling your account but also reflect your professionalism to potential buyers.

Step 3: Statistical Data

In this step, providing accurate and comprehensive statistical information about your account is extremely important. Make sure that all the numbers you enter are accurate and written in numerical form only.

Important note:
Use only numerical form to record information at this step. All data in this step needs to be declared accurately, if you declare incorrectly it may lead to your account not being approved.

Statistic Data

Necessary Datas:
Followers/Subscribers: Enter the current number of followers or subscribers you have. This is the basic information that buyers are most concerned about.
Monthly Income: If your account has generated income, enter this number. If there is no income, you can leave this field blank.
Location: Select the country where your target audience lives. This helps buyers understand the audience of the account.
Number of Posts/Videos: Enter the total number of posts or videos on your page or channel. If you are unsure, you can skip this item.
Number of Views: The total number of views on the account can reflect the level of interaction and the popularity of your content.
Email Account Included: Check yes if you will transfer the original email when selling the account. If not, make sure you can transfer the account without needing the original email.
Account Created: Enter the year your account was created.
Language(s): Select the main language used in the account.
Monetized: Check yes if the account has activated the monetization mode.
Account Verified: Check yes if your account has been verified by the platform.
Display more impressive numbers: Next to the fields you need to fill in, you'll see a small box to tick. If you have any particularly impressive numbers in the Monthly Income, Number of Posts, Number of Videos, or Number of Views sections, tick this box. This will highlight that number on the account introduction page, helping to increase the chances of attracting buyers. If your numbers are not too impressive, you can choose not to display this part.

Remember that accurate and complete information not only helps buyers assess the real value of the account but also demonstrates your professionalism and reliability as a seller.

Step 4: The EazyViral Team Reviews and Approves Accounts

After you complete the account posting process, the EazyViral team will begin the review process. This process takes about 1-2 working days, during which we will thoroughly check to ensure that your account meets all quality standards and complies with our regulations.

During the waiting period, you can track the status of the accounts you have posted on your dashboard.

If your account or channel is not approved for listing, we will clearly state the reasons in the email sent to you, along with specific remedies. This helps you understand the problem and provides detailed guidance to improve your account for the next registration.


We at EazyViral understand that your account is not just a part of social media; it is the result of your effort and investment. That's why each listing is reviewed with the utmost care, to ensure the best buying and selling experience for both sellers and buyers.

We thank you for choosing EazyViral to serve you and accompany you in the process of transferring and developing your account. If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us - we are always ready to help!

Good luck and success with your listings on EazyViral!

Updated on: 13/01/2024

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